About 帅巴J

To know 帅巴J – is to understand the universe.

帅巴J started it’s career in 2009 behind the Red Curtain. Since an emancipation later that year, 帅巴J has had opportunities for through collaboration, gaining great momentum toward the creation and distribution of soulful original media.

One thought on “About 帅巴J”

  1. 帅巴和蛋糕是我在呼和浩特的同事, 也是特别好的朋友, 他们的生活热情很感染当时其他的同事,他们两个被评为“美国优秀青年”,他们走后我们都很想念他们, 但是他们总是在更新博客或者网站的时候也给你发到邮箱里, 这样我们就能知道他们在干什么了:}

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